Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital

Family Centred Care

At Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital, we understand that when a child is sick it affects the whole family. Parents have difficulty going to work, siblings are restless and the entire family is in an unfamiliar place. We recognize that all these things create added stress and anxiety. Our staff works hard to care for the child patient but also opens its doors to care for the entire family. We know that the family plays an integral part of the healing process, so we believe that in caring for the family- we are caring for the child. We work hard to heal kids, comfort parents and restore families. 

Our team evaluates everything we do throughout the hospital to look for ways to help meet the needs of our families and help kids get better, faster. We have made several accommodations that help meet the needs of our families and ultimately improve the care we provide. Our physicians and the clinical staff involve parents and the patients in their care to get everyone’s valuable input and create an open conversation that makes it comfortable for everyone to ask questions. NICU Staff help to educate and engage the patient and the entire family about the medical care being provided and to deal with the emotions that being in the hospital brings. Sleep accommodations, private bathrooms for the entire family nearby make each room comfortable for our out-of town families or those who need to stay close by a child during their care. This integration of facility accommodations, support programs and relationships between the clinical staff and families at Dr Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital is called Patient and Family Centered Care.

Dr Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital prides itself on a strong focus on Patient and Family Centered Care. Our Family Advisory Council, comprised of patient families, consistently looks for ways to make improvements that include families in the child’s care and create a hospital environment that best meets the entire family’s needs. Dr Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital facilities and processes have literally been shaped by the input of families focused on making each of their stays with us as comfortable and smooth as possible for those that visit us for care. We have made great improvements to date but we realize that this initiative is one that is ongoing and requires consistent evaluation and changes as we continue to grow. Our approach to healthcare leads to healthier, happier kids and great family satisfaction. Patient and Family Centered Care is a culture we embrace, a commitment we are focused on and a promise to all the children and families we serve.