Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital



Bringing a child to hospital is very traumatic for parents as well as the child and this multiplies manifold if lab tests need to be performed. All children are very afraid of needles. Thus, we have tried to make small changes in our laboratory practices to make this experience less painful. These are as follows:
  • A friendly laboratory sampling room with toys, balloons and candies
  • Nurses and technicians who take the samples are specially trained and counseled.
  • Microtainers [very small volume sample collection tubes] are used: instead of the standard 5 ml of blood collected for most tests in all laboratories, we take only 1ml – the equivalent of 10-15 drops of blood sample from children and babies
  • PRILOX cream – a surface anesthetic which numbs the skin area where the blood test is to be performed prior to sample collection. This virtually prevents / minimizes any pain during the procedure.
Pathology laboratory
It is equipped to provide all the basic investigations essential for a pediatric centre. The Pathology lab is designed to test the respective samples with precision using minimum quantity of blood and also to give the result in the minimum time possible.

Quality Assurance
Our laboratory performs routine checks and calibrations on all equipment as per the standards and norms of the manufacturer and Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists. Standardization and verification is meticulously performed to ensure all tests are conducted in a proper way to ensure accuracy every time.
Laboratory Reporting
All laboratory test reports performed in our center are cross checked for accuracy twice before our consultants authenticate and sign the report. Processing is done fast and most routine test reports are dispatched to the floors and intensive care units immediately. Tests performed for outpatient children are usually available the same evening at the Lab Reports Center