Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital



Emergency services
 Dr. Kamal Mahajan Children Hospital provides excellent medical care with round the clock availability of Post Graduate Doctors.Emergency is located near the main entrance so that precious time is not lost. It has a Recovery trolley, Crash Trolley with all emergency drugs for immediate resuscitation, Centralized Oxygen and Suction pipelines and spot light for providing immediate first aid. Arrangements have also been made for Dressing and Suturing of wounds.Fully equipped Ambulance service is available for the transportation of Sick patients round the clock. A doctor and nursing staff accompany the ambulance every time.A Postgraduate Medical Consultant is available 24 hrs to look after all admitted patients as well as for Emergencies, should such a need arise.
Night time Emergency Care:
Children can fall sick at anytime day or night often without any prior warning. Thus, we have consultant pediatricians, and consultant pediatric surgeon available 24 hour a day. Senior consultant pediatrician is available even during the night (off hours) to take care of the sick children.Essential diagnostic services are in house to ensure rapid diagnostic testing and reporting to allow quick decision making by our team. 
The emergency services may be contacted by following:

Tel: 0183-2557449, 2557441
Mob: +91-9988804737, 9780942904